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Professional Chef Knife Range

The Professional Master Range is for the most difficult cuts and demanding professionals.  The Professional Master Range blades are made of KRUPP (1.4110) or SANDVIK (12C27) special stainless steel and are submitted to the efficient sub-zero thermal processing treatment.  This guarantees average 56HRC hardness levels, thus keeping the edge sharper for longer.

The perfect V-shaped edge ensures a precise cut and an excellent performance even after being sharpened many times.

With built-in antimicrobial product protection for the polypropylene handles, inhibiting odour and stain causing bacteria, mould and mildew.  The performance lasts the life of the products, but does not protect the user from food borne bacteria.  Always clean the product thoroughly after use.

The Professional Master Range is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NFS) the most recognised and respected international agency which monitors food safety and hygiene practices in the food industry.

Poultry Knife 5"  Price $18.15 inc G.S.T   


Boning Knife 5"  Price $15.95 inc G.S.T

Boning Knife 7"  Price $17.00 inc G.S.T 

Paring Knife 4"  Price $7.00 inc G.S.T


Butcher - French Knife 8"  Price $21.00 inc G.S.T

Butcher - French Knife 10"  Price $30.00 inc G.S.T

Butcher - French C Knife 8"  Price $27.00 inc G.S.T

Butcher - French C Knife 10"  Price $35.00 inc G.S.T

Bread Serrated 8"  Price $21.00 inc G.S.T

Ham Slicer 12"  Price $25.00 inc G.S.T

Bakers Spatula 12"  Price $15.00 inc G.S.T

Steel 10"  Price $28.00 inc G.S.T
Steel 12"  Price $42.00 inc G.S.T
(Refer to picture of 10" above)

Meat Fork  Price $25.00 inc G.S.T


Sabatier Meat Knife 12"  Price $38.00 inc G.S.T

Zester  Price $5.00 inc G.S.T

Peeler  Price $5.00 inc G.S.T


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